City Marketing Masterclass

Thursday 18 and Friday 19 April 2024
- Grand Hotel Karel V, Utrecht

On Thursday 18 and Friday 19 April 2024, Castro Communications organized a Masterclass in City Marketing for the fourth time. In cooperation with Utrecht Marketing, an interesting program was put together with emphasis on destination marketing and regional cooperation.

In two days you will gain insight into the successes, challenges and opportunities of destination marketing.
The city and province of Utrecht are working well together to promote Utrecht as a destination.
Several speakers gave insight into how this is organized, such as:

  • Cor Jansen (Utrecht Marketing)
  • Ronald Bezemer (Utrecht Marketing)
  • Arjan van der Born (ROM Utrecht)
  • Michiel Dijkman (Economic Board Utrecht)
  • Jeroen van Hooff (Koninklijke Jaarbeurs)
  • Susanne Schilderman (Alderman for Economic Affairs Utrecht)
  • Teun Bonenkamp (Cathedral Tower)

There were also speakers from outside Utrecht:

  • Peter Kentie (Eindhoven)
  • Martijn Bulthuis (Leiden)
  • Jos Vranken (NBTC)
  • Frits Huffnagel (The Hague & Amsterdam)

Should you have any further questions, please email Frits Huffnagel

  • The Masterclass Citymarketing is organized by Castro Communications and Utrecht Marketing
  • The cost for the fully catered two-day program, including overnight stay, lunches, dinner, breakfast and parking is € 1,150 (excluding VAT).
  • The overnight stay is at the Five Star Hotel Utrecht Centrum - Grand Hotel Karel V - Official Website,
  • For multiple participants from one organization or municipality, discounts are available.
  • View here the program for the master class


Cor Jansen

Director/CEO of Utrecht Marketing

Together with partners, Utrecht Marketing positions Utrecht as a healthy city and region. Utrecht Marketing focuses on visitor marketing, the promotion of cultural offerings, attracting (international) talent and supporting new businesses. The organization also promotes Utrecht pride among residents and plays a more strategic role on themes such as inclusiveness, sustainability and the balance between growth and livability. Utrecht Marketing is a partner organization, knowledge partner and reputation builder and, as a connector, brings parties together across sectors.

Peter Kentie

Citymarketing Eindhoven365

Peter Kentie is director-director of city marketing organization Eindhoven365. Like no other, he knows how and why he has succeeded in putting Eindhoven on the map nationally and internationally. With a sophisticated and innovative brand and marketing strategy that is highly appreciated by the profession. Eindhoven365 promotes technology, design and knowledge as pillars of Eindhoven. Peter's advice: he who chooses is chosen. Peter Kentie will reveal the secrets behind Eindhoven's success during the Citymarketing Masterclass.

Jos Vranken

Managing Director of the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions (NBTC).

The NBTC is the national destination management organization of and for the Netherlands and provides a national vision for tourism based on relevant knowledge and insights. Based on that vision, the NBTC wants to inspire, connect and facilitate cities, regions, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in and around the destination of the Netherlands. For the benefit of our country as a liveable, beloved and valuable destination, for residents, visitors and businesses.

Martijn Bulthuis

Director of Leiden&Partners

The independent city marketing organization of Leiden, 'the city of discoveries'. Leiden's integrated marketing approach aims to positively influence the city's image and manage its reputation to attract target groups (businesses, talent, residents, visitors) and make them choose Leiden. By winning the National Citymarketing Trophy in 2019 and the International Place Brand of the Year 2022, professional juries rewarded the strategic direction of Leiden's city marketing. Leiden&Partners' goal is that their efforts must deliver something for all Leiden residents, thus contributing to the growth of broad prosperity in the Leiden region.