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We help municipalities, businesses and organizations with city and area marketing

What do others think of Castro Citymarketing?

Martijn Bulthuis | Director of Leiden&Partners

"Valuable to speak at the Masterclass Citymarketing Utrecht; the atmosphere was truly inspiring and the participants were very engaged and curious! I look back on this experience with great pleasure and hope to work together again in the future. Nice that Castro Citymarketing contributes in this way to the further professionalization of our profession."

Kor Wijnja | Advisor recreation, tourism & city marketing at Municipality of Harlingen:

"We attended a master class - organized by Castro Communications - in City Marketing in The Hague. This two-day event was organized to perfection. The masterclass included a diverse program with leading practical examples from the country. In addition, there was ample opportunity to exchange knowledge and inspiration with other participants. We thus gained many tips and tricks, which are directly applicable to the city marketing of Harlingen."

Cor Jansen | Managing Director Utrecht Marketing

" 'Where the good professionals meet the good thingsarise'. See here my experience with the Masterclass Destination Marketing organized by Utrecht Marketing with Castro Citymarketing this year in Utrecht. With the right people, in the right places, with the right content and the right inspirational speakers from the right working practices, a wonderful instructive program was realized for all involved, both for the masterclass followers and the speakers: a wonderfully instructive, hungry for more, destination marketing package."

Ger Welbers | Director at Hart van Noord-Holland Foundation - region and city marketing

"The two-day master class from Castro Communications and Utrecht Marketing was of great value to me in terms of content. Both organizations are frontrunners in our field and have clear answers to the issues all over the Netherlands. In addition, there were a number of excellent external speakers. I can immediately use the knowledge I gained in my work in the Alkmaar region. I can recommend this master class to every professional!"

Peter Kentie | Director Eindhoven365

"I would like to express my appreciation for the fine cooperation and the fun event put on during the City Marketing Masterclass. The organization was done to perfection and I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with the audience. The atmosphere was inspiring and the content of the Masterclass was very relevant and enlightening. I look back on this experience with a satisfied feeling and cannot wait to work together again in the future !"

Our expertise

Each municipality, region or area has its own unique story. This story is the basis for attracting visitors, businesses and visitors. But how do you tackle this? How do you make sure you tell the right story to put your municipality, region or area on the map? Our founder Frits Huffnagel has extensive experience as an alderman and city marketing expert in putting cities, regions and projects on the map. Castro helps municipalities, regions and project developers (including real estate) with city marketing.

What does Castro Citymarketing do?

City Marketing Masterclass

How do you put an area, municipality or region really well on the map? That's what the Masterclass Citymarketing is all about. Each edition takes place at a different location, with different professionals and interesting speakers. This gives you new insights into the world of city marketing. For four years in a row we have been giving successful Masterclasses! Curious about the next edition? Keep an eye on this page


"I amsterdam" is a well-known slogan of Amsterdam. It began as a marketing campaign to promote Amsterdam as a vibrant and diverse city, open to visitors from all over the world. The slogan quickly became an iconic symbol and a popular photo and meeting place for tourists and locals alike. It helped position the city as a trendy and welcoming place, where culture, history and modernity come together. 


The Hague, also known as the "City of Peace and Justice," is a vibrant and historic city in the Netherlands with a rich tradition of peace and justice. As the political capital of the Netherlands and host to many international organizations, including the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, The Hague plays a crucial role in promoting peace and justice worldwide.